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Slice-a-Slice Bread Slicer

Display: Cutting Edge
Culinary Technique: size reduction

Manufacturer: Ace Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Location: Doncannon, Pennsylvania

Dimensions: 7.5" h x 4.75" w x 3.5" d

Watch collection donor Mel Mickevic demonstrate this object with
Dean Christopher Koetke, School of Culinary Arts, Kendall College,
and Victoria Matranga, exhibition curator.

Slice-a-Slice helped a hostess make dainty sandwiches for ladies' luncheons and was marketed as a dieter's aid. It allowed a homemaker to slice bread to a thickness of one-quarter of an inch by splitting a conventional slice of bread into two equal pieces. Two metal plates, embossed with sharply pointed puncture holes, held the bread in place as a knife passed through it. The wooden base plate at the hinge joint protected the knife blade.