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Dazey Churn No. 300

Display: Bakers' Secrets
Culinary Technique: separation

Manufacturer: Dazey Churn and Manufacturing Company

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Dimensions: 25" h x 14" w x 10" d

On this churn, a hand-cranked, cast-iron gear mechanism drove the dasher inside the metal box. Like the glass churn, the Dazey's dasher uses four wooden paddles set diagonally. The 1941 Sears catalog offered such a box churn, claiming it made butter in "8 to 10 minutes" and that is was "used by agricultural colleges for demonstrating scientific butter making."

Nathan Dazey started his butter-making business in St. Louis in 1906. He patented many types of churns through the 1930s, and his company made many other kitchen tools until he sold it in the late 1940s.